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Armor Bearers 

An Armor Bearer Lives to Serve.

The term "armor bearer" was originally translated from the Hebrew word nasa meaning to figuratively or literally lift up, support, or simply help. In Biblical days, an armor bearer was one who actually carried the shield and armor of his leader as he went into battle, often acting as his personal assistant. King Saul had several armor bearers assigned to him.

Saul liked him very much and David became one of his armor bearers. 1 Samuel 16:22b

A modern day armor bearer is one called by God to serve and help his assigned leader in life, ministry, and especially in the fight of faith.

OUR MISSION is to have a training program where men and women can come and learn to develop their gifts and calling. Each Armor Bearer will learn and work alongside of the Pastor and his Pastoral Staff to become active ministers. In turn, these gifted and called men and women will mentor and teach others to become active disciples in the ministry.

OUR VISION is to provide Armor Bearers the training and instructing of upholding our spiritual leaders at Jubilee Worship Center in Prayer, Servant Hood, Protection, and Encouragement. To be willing to carry them forth into battle. This can be accomplished when we develop the spirit of an Armor Bearer and truly begin to give of ourselves to be connected to "The Vision of the House."


  • Is a servant, anointed by God to serve a leader of the Kingdom of God.
  • Is called to walk with his leader, assisting in any way necessary, to cause his leader's "God Given Vision" to come      to pass.
  • Will intercede for the leader and his family declaring victory on every battlefront.
  • Stands between his leader and danger both in the spirit and in the natural.
  • Is humble, faithful, trustworthy, and loyal

The Armor Bearer Ministry is overseen by Bishop Dale Combs.

Jubilee Worship Center's Armor Bearers are: