Hobart Jubilee Worship Center Church of God

Our Vision

We exist to connect the spiritually, physically, and emotionally wounded to hope and healing through Jesus Christ, as well as equipping all believers to be active participants in the harvest.

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Our Leadership

We, the Leadership Team of Jubilee Worship Center, do hereby declare and affirm that we are called by God to be change agents in our families, among our friends and acquaintances, throughout our community and into the world at large.

Our Services

Sunday School @ 9am Sundays

Celebration Service @ 10am Sundays

Family Training Hour @ 7pm Wednesdays

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Our Community

Jubilee Worship Center shall be a church that reaches more that just the community where we have our address. We will reach out to the families of Northwest Indiana, realizing there are many people who are seeking a relationship with God. We will provide a venue that will attract both seekers and believes. A seeker is someone who has knowledge about God but is seeking for answers to the spiritual questions he or she is asking. A believer is one who has an established relationship with Christ.

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Members Area

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